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Bavaria: Your Next Step on the Perfect European Itinerary

bavariaLocated in southern Germany, Bavaria is very popular with tourists. The stunning landscape, the delicious beer, the interesting cities…all make it a very appealing vacation destination.

First though, you’ll need to get to Germany. Cheap tickets to Germany are not hard to find if you fly from London to Munich. Many low-cost carriers offer excellent deals on such flights but you’ll be forced to fly during the imposed travel period.

Traveling in Bavaria is fun and you should plan to do it…slowly. A very good idea when visiting the country is to choose a Germany rail pass and opt for the Bayern Ticket. You get to travel anywhere in Bavaria between 9am and 3am the following day on any of the local trains. And you can use it on most of the local transport, so it saves a lot of money.

You might want to visit Nuremberg and Munich, two of the famous cities in the area, and explore the diversity within Bavaria. During summer, both cities hold festivals where you’ll get to drink near-endless steins of beer and eat all the sausage you can stomach.

To burn off some calories, plan to do some hiking. For an active vacation, the Alpine region in the Bavarian south and a national park close to Nuremberg are excellent choices; in both areas, walking routes are well-marked. You can eat a mountain-trop restaurants with gorgeous views or bring along everything you’ll need for a picnic.

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