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Flights to London

Search for cheap airfare to London and book a flight to London

Five international airports serve the greater London area. Heathrow and Gatwick offer the greatest number of flights and destinations, while small London City offers the closest proximity to the city center.

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General advice for flying into London

Home to one of the busiest and largest international airports on earth (Heathrow), finding a flight to London is easy. However, finding a good deal on airfare to London is another matter.

Getting cheap airfare to London takes a bit of savvy research. Here are WhyGo London‘s tips for paying less than a fortune for your airline ticket:

Visit London during the low season. The city’s high season is typically late Spring through early Autumn; travel during the January-February low season and you can save up to half of a typical summertime fare. Visiting museums in rainy weather is the same as visiting in sunny weather, except that you probably will not be fighting as many crowds.

Find out which airlines use London airports as a hub. Knowing which airlines fly most frequently in and out of a given airport can help you save money. If those airlines operate several daily flights to your chosen destination, they’re more likely to offer special deals and discounts.

Fly into a different city. If you’ve searched every London airport and airline and the prices you’ve found still seem too high, consider taking advantage of a great deal to a nearby airport (e.g., Paris or Amsterdam), booking a connecting flight on one of Europe’s many budget carriers (easyJet, Ryanair or Flybe), or hopping on the Eurostar.

Schedule your flights for midweek. On weekends, airports see the most leisure travel traffic, and Mondays are favored by business travelers; on these days, busy airlines are less inclined to offer lower prices. Schedule your flight to London for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you’ll generally find cheaper airfare.

As mentioned, airfare to London is likely to be the largest portion of your travel budget, but by using these tips and the airfare search engine on this page, you can be assured that you’re not paying the highest prices.

Have a great time in London! If you’re looking for more information about this exciting city, please explore WhyGo London.