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Adventure running in London

chase.jpgPhysically fit and can think on your feet, like a challenge and competition as part of a small team? If so there’s an event in London in May that might suit you. Its called the City Chase and is part of an Urban Adventure series of races that takes place in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and France, and describes itself as part obstacle course, part scavenger hunt.

The chase consists of two person teams who are given a Clue Sheet with clues to the 20 Chase Points the team must reach on the course around the city, at the Chase Points they may have to undertake a physical or mental task. The event normally lasts between 4-6 hours and the first team to earn 17 Chase Points is the winner and gains entry to the World Series event final.

This is the second year of the London event and it takes place on Saturday 19th May 2007, the price to enter is £100 per team. So if you and a mate are fit and good at solving puzzles and like the idea of charging around central London chasing clues this might be fun.

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