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Radio Stations in London

During your visit to London, you may fancy listening to a few tunes or catching up on some news. Here’s a quick run down on a selection of the radio stations filling, the airwaves of the capital.

If you want access to a complete rundown of digital stations across a variety of genres, click here.

BBC Radio 1 (97.6-99.8 FM)
The BBC’s flagship station for Top 40 and Dance, with a little Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie and Rock thrown in.
Chris Moyles is the big star of their breakfast show.

BBC Radio 2 (88-90.2 FM)
The station of choice for Adult Contemporary.

BBC Radio 3 (90-93 FM)
Classical music and cultural talk.

BBC Radio 4 (92.4-94.6 FM)
Serious news, serious presenters and serious politicians.

BBC 5 Live
Sports coverage, news phone-ins, and political discussion.

BBC 6 Music
Adult Alternative.

BBC Radio 7
Comedy, Drama and Kids’ radio plays.

BBC World Service
A chance to catch up on the news back home, across the UK – and the Earth.

Capital Radio (95.8 FM)
Where boy bands are made…and broken.

Virgin Radio (105.8 FM)
This station was Sir Richard Branson’s, until he sold it for a handsome profit. Features Rock and Indie.

Heart (106.2 FM)
Cheery Pop tunes and love songs.

Magic (105.4 FM)
Less Cheery Pop tunes and love songs.

Smooth FM (102.2 FM)
70s and 80s Soul, Funk and Disco.

Classic FM (100-102 FM)
Classical music.

Talksport (1053/1089 MW)
Football aplenty. The Alan Brazil Breakfast Show is extremely popular, as are Hawksbee and Jacobs in the afternoon.

Choice FM (107.1 FM)
R&B and Soul music.

BBC Asian Network
Pakistani, Indian and Bengali music and talk, featuring interviews with Bollywood stars, Bhangra music and more.

Sunrise Radio
Pan-Asian music and talk.

LBC (97.3 FM)
News and phone-ins.