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Warning Messages from Westminster Council

soho1.jpgWestminster Council is to start a new service aimed at stopping tourists and naive Londoners from getting ripped off in the seamier parts of Soho. They’re going to send a Bluetooth text to any phone that comes within 100ft of unlicenced hostess bars in the Soho area with the message saying ‘£5 to get in, £500 to get out. Criminals operate some of the hostess bars in Soho.’

Its pretty well known that there are places there where unsuspecting punters enter thinking they’re going to a pole dancing type bar and end up with massive bar bills that the meathead security force them to pay. Some people won’t be deterred and will only learn by experience but if you don’t want to be fleeced out of hundreds of pounds try to gauge the place you’re about to go into. If it looks sleazy with a small number of clientele going in there’s probably a good chance you’ll end up handing over more money than you planned.