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Sightseeing Runs of London

There’s a website I’ve been looking at today that offers Guided Runs of London and says that its London’s only Running Sightseeing Tour. Its run by a Scottish fella called Joe Donnachie who’s a fitness instructor and marathon runner (although he doesn’t look as tanned and in shape as say an instructor from Oz aerobics). The site also says he was a comedian and comedy promoter and has a project called Beat The Bus where he races a London bus on foot along its entire route.

Personally I wouldn’t enjoy running on the streets of central London too much although taking a run in places like Hyde or Green Park would be fine, and you do always see lots of office workers running at lunchtime from the City of London over the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern and along the South Bank. Joe says on his site that his tours are aimed quite a bit a visiting runners who want to maintain some fitness and see a bit of the capital.

He’s offering running tours by appointment and is available seven days a week from sunrise to sunset (he must be knackered by the end of the week). Prices are £15 per person for up to 80 minutes, £20 pp for 80-100 mins and £25 pp for 100-120 mins and if there’s only one runner taking part there’s a supplement of £10.

If you’re in central London for a short stay and want to combine exercise with sightseeing this guy sounds like he could be a entertaining guide. Here’s his promotional clip for Guided Runs of London and it kind of reminded me, especially at the end, of the bit in Goodfellas where Morrie is in his commercial for Morrie’s Wigs.