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Police in London’s West End target muggers and pickpockets

pickpocket.jpgThere’s a story on the BBCNews website about police in the West End launching a crack down on street crime and particularly a form of pickpocketing they’ve termed ‘hugger mugging’, where pickpockets target people coming out of pubs and clubs who might have had a few drinks.

The pickpockets go up to the intended victim and pretend to be drunk themselves, hugging or slapping them on they back, all the while dipping into pockets and passing whatever they come up with to colleagues close by. A police spokesman says ‘The message is simple, if you are approached by a stranger who tries to hug you, dance with you or start up a conversation, they may well be trying to steal from you.’

I would endorsed that 100%. If a stranger in London tries to hug, dance with you or starts chatting with you, something is not right and you should hold on to your valuables.