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Great British Heritage Pass

pass.jpgLondon has a wealth of attractions for visitors to see, many of which are free to enter, others which charge admission. One way to reduce the costs of entry is to get a Great British Heritage Pass,a scheme which was first set up by VisitBritain in the 1970s and is available exclusively to the overseas international visitors.

The pass offers entry into 580 of Britain’s heritage sites including those run by the National Trust, English Heritage, The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland. You can purchase either a 4, 7, 15, or 30 day pass, the longer duration the cheaper the pass works out per day. The Heritage Pass uses chip technology so that no matter when you buy it the pass doesn’t become active until you visit one of the locations covered. Family passes are also available for the same time periods.

For visitors to London I’d say its worth buying if you’re planning to travel around SouthEast England as well as seeing London and you have a pretty good idea before you come of what you want to see and have worked out a schedule including thinking about your transport. When you buy the Great British Heritage Pass you also get a map of the UK and a guidebook to all the properties covered by the pass to help you do this.