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Finding Green Spaces in London

park.jpgLondon is one of the world’s greenest cities, with tremendous amounts of open space, parks and wildlife areas within the 32 boroughs of Greater London.

An excellent website for finding information on green spaces in the capital is London WildWeb, run by the GLA (Greater London Authority) and the Mayor of London.

London WildWeb lets you search for parks and wildlife areas in a number of ways, either by entering a postcode, an area name, the name of a particular borough or by the type of habitat in which you’re interested (e.g., woodland, parkland, wetland, wasteland, heathland, agriculture or scrubland). You can even refine your search further by requesting open spaces with rivers, streams and/or bogs. Searches provide descriptions of each site’s habitat, as well as transport links and other general information.

Alternatively, the WildWeb homepage features an interactive map with just about every London park, golf course, cemetery and churchyard highlighted in dark green.

WildWeb will be a very useful resource for London visitors looking to get some fresh air and quiet, away from traffic and madding crowds.