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London v Liverpool v Glasgow

run.jpgThis Sunday 3 June sees the first City v City race sponsored by Norwich Union. It features three 10km races taking place at the same time in London, Liverpool and Glasgow and the city with the lowest average time for all their runners will be the winner.

The London run takes place in Greenwich Park at 9.30am and features two different laps of the park each covering a distance of 5K, the first lap takes the competitors along the roads and footpaths that wind around the park. Greenwich Park is a lovely location and should be fun to run in although there are some inclines to get up.

To join the run you can register online and there’s a fee of £10, £5 of which goes to the Norwich Union Join Our Team which looks to raise money for sporting initiatives. If you’re feeling fit and want to show the northerners how to eat dust, why not sign up and give it a go.