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Visit Prague This Summer

Prague is one of the largest cities in Central Europe and is considered one of its most beautiful cities. The superb bridges, castles and cathedrals have enchanted visitors for ages, but Prague is also a very modern and vibrant city, filled with music and art.

There are quite a lot of European budget airlines which fly into Prague, which makes it easy to find cheap Prague airfare. A one- way flight in mid-July (on EasyJet) starts at €112 per person.

Once the flight secured, it’s time to look for hotels in Prague . Rooms start as low as €23 per night in 3-stars hotels. Even in mid-July you can find rooms from just €51 per night in 4-star hotels.

Prague is easily negotiated on foot. You can walk from Wenceslas Square to the Old Town Square, soaking up the atmosphere of both old and new Prague, and from the Old Town to Charles Bridge. Just make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, as the city’s cobblestone streets can be punishing on your feet.

Prague Castle, the biggest ancient castle in the world, is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Charles Bridge is gorgeous, and the Old Town comprises many beautiful, historic buildings.

Enjoying a cruise on Vltava is an experience you will not forget. For dramatic views, plan to take a cruise at sunset.

Note: A December visit to Prague is also a wonderful treat, when many Christmas markets pop out in the city, all selling crafts, arts and other holiday goodies.

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