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Taking a Break from London Weather in Sunny Italy

italybeachTo those of us on the other side of the pond, a wintertime trip to London sounds delightful. (I’d even be willing to insert that seemingly extra U into the word “colour” for a whole month if I could spend a week in London right about now.) However, I know that many of you who are in London wouldn’t mind getting out for a bit.

And who can blame you?

London’s winters aren’t exactly anything to get cheery about, and though we’re finally nearing Spring, that doesn’t mean that weather-wise, you’re entirely home-free. Thank goodness you have sunnier, nearby and shoulder-season options that won’t cost a fortune to visit this time of year.

In particular, how does a week in Italy sound?

With all the budget airlines serving any one of London’s five airports, you can always find cheap flights to Italy from London – sometimes as low as £30 or less round-trip. And since you’re already in Europe, you’ve got your pick of any of Italy’s many airports to choose from; you’re not stuck flying first into one of the big cities (like Rome or Milan) before going where you really want to go.

At this time of year, for a real sunny break, I’d recommend Sicily: you can hop on a flight right to Palermo or Catania from London and be on a beach in no time. The south of Italy is not only warmer, it’s notoriously cheaper than the north, as well — especially before the high season.

If you’d rather combine some beach time with some city time, however, a trip to Rome is a good option. There are beaches a short trip from the city center, and easily reachable via the trains in Italy running from Rome’s Termini Station. Hotels in Rome aren’t typically cheap, but if you go before May you stand a better chance of scoring some pre-high-season deals.

Hopefully a few days in sunny Italy will help you get through to Spring…

photo by annia316