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Girls-Only Vacation in New York

Every girl dreams of a week away from the hustle and bustle of the home life and job… and when we can take our best friends with us for some added fun, it’s even better.

Best choice for me (and probably many other ladies out there):

New York, of course!

I’ve never been a beach lover and the idea of doing nothing all day long (except baking in the sun) has never appealed to this city dweller. But the idea of looking for a cheap hotel in Manhattan and waking up to the sound of the Big Apple really makes me want to pack my bags!

Now, what’s a girls-only vacation without some pampering?

Forget economy class, for once, and choose British Airways business class. Price tag? Almost £4,000 for a round-trip flight to New York. But, you get a lot of amenities you can only dream about when you are traveling in economy class…where no one ever brings you and your girlfriends champagne.

If business class stands between you and a getaway, though, look instead for cheap flights to New York; you can sometimes find roundtrip, economy class fares for as low as £375 on American Airlines.

No matter which end of the plane you’ve traveled in, once you’ve landed safely in New York you can spend your days doing some world-class shopping, splurging at a spa, and tossing aside your diet at fancy restaurants. Or, splash out on quality food and and wine, and head for a group picnic in Central Park.

Whatever you do, do it with flair — and together!

Photo credit: travelswithtwo