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Westminster Green Plaques

green.jpgVisitors to London who spend time in the centre of the city will be in the Borough known as the City of Westminster. Walking around the streets of Westminster you may notice green plaques on some of the walls of buildings, these are similar to English Heritage’s Blue Plaques and are part of a scheme started in 1991 to ‘draw attention to particular buildings in Westminster associated with people of renown’.

They have four criteria for people who are nominated to recieve a Green Plaque, they have to be regarded as eminent by most members of their profession or calling,
have genuinely contributed to human welfare or happiness and deserve recognition for it, are reasonably well known and sufficient time has elapsed since their life to show their lasting contribution to society. They also commemorate important buildings.

They have an eclectic list of Green Plaque recipients and anyone can put forward a name to be added to this list as long as they provide relevant historical information on why the person in question should get one.