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Sat Lav in Westminster

pt1.jpgThe City of Westminster has many of London’s leading tourist attractions, entertainment areas and shopping districts. What it doesn’t have are extensive and easily findable public toilets. Now the council are doing something to help visitors out who find themselves taken short while out and about.

Sat Lav is a new texting service they’ve started which allows people to locate the nearest public toilet to them in the borough, 24 hourts and day, 7 days a week. Users just have to text TOILET to 80097 and they’ll receive a text message back giving the location and opening hours of the closest public convenience. Each text costs 25p which is probably better than spending time looking blindly for a WC or searching out some secluded bushes to do your business. It also wouldn’t hurt such a heavily tourist trafficked area like Westminster to open a few more facilities for the public in prominent locations.