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Lights Out London

lol.jpgLondon’s Capital Radio has been organising and promoting its Lights Out London event to highlight climate change, which will take place this Thursday 21 June. The idea is that the whole of London turns off all lights and non-essential appliances between 9pm-10pm on Midsummer’s Night.

This shouldn’t be that difficult as it’ll still be light at 9pm and the sun doesn’t set until almost 9.30pm. Capital are trying to promote a long-term understanding of green issues amongst Londoners and to also make a symbolic point to the world, although it’ll be funny when there’s a power surge at 10pm when all the lights go on. I haven’t seen this event overly publicized as yet so it will be interesting how much of a response there is. I’m taking it as read that a fridge with beer in is an essential appliance.