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Smoking Flashmob in London

ashmob.jpgThe ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces comes into force in England on 1 July 2007. Smokers are on the back foot, you might have thought, what with the ban and the price of cigarettes regularly being hit with massive tax increases. However, there’s a group of smokers arranging a smoking flashmob event, Ashmob, this Sunday 1 July in Covent Garden to provide a little moral support to those who burn the weed…and show them they’re not alone.

The people behind Ashmob say they have four main beliefs, Tolerance, Freedom of Thought, Fun and Community and they want to remind everyone ‘that there is pleasure in smoking.’ I’m sure there is but I think they’re fighting a losing battle, the government and health professionals are putting the squeeze on those who choose to smoke.

The Ashmob site says ‘Ashmobbing is all about changing minds through having fun. We don’t just turn up at a pre-arranged location and start smoking; we try and have the most fun possible.’ If a few hundred people congregate in a small area of Covent Garden and all light up at once I don’t think it’ll change many minds of non-smokers. 2pm Sunday is the time if you’re so inclined.