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Out of India, into London

This year is the 60th anniversary of India getting its independence from Britain and among a number of events taking place in London to mark the occasion the Museum of London has a new display titled Out of India which looks at the impact the culture of the Indian subcontinent has had on London.

The exhibition shows the huge impact on food, restaurants, shops and fashion Indians in London have had, along with the success stories in business, politics and sport. People from the subcontinent also brought the Hindu, Sikh and Muslim religions with them and London now has numerous festivals celebrating each. The popularity of Bollywood films is examined and you can now find them playing at most London multiplex’s.

Out of India also shows Britain and India during the time of the Raj and how London was involved in trade between the two. Out of India runs until 23 september 2007 and the Museum of London, located at London Wall in the City of London, is open Mon-Sat from 10am-5.50pm, Sun from 12pm-5.50pm, admission is free.