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French Film Festival 2007

frenchfest.jpgThe UK’s annual French Film Festival takes place across the country in six cities, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Manchester and London from 15 April-6 May (although the London screenings only happen between 20-29 April) and the festival is organised by among others the Institut Francais, the Alliance francaise, Total, Blason de Bourgogne and Scottish Screen.

This year the London festival screenings will be happening at two cinemas, the Cine Lumiere in Kensington opposite the Natural History Museum and the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. Films have been divided into four sections, Panorama with films by celebrated directors such as Claude Chabrol, Christian Vincent, Costa-Gavras and Bertrand Blier, Discovery highlights new directors, Retro will look at the work of Christian Vincent showing five of his films during the festival and Cinema Junior features films for a younger audience. Not all the films will be shown in each city.

The London festival schedule is as follows.
20 April Nouvelle chance (oh la la!) Cine Lumiere 6.30pm
20 April L’ivresse du pouvoir (Comedy of Power) Cine Lumiere 8.30pm
21 April La séparation (The Separation) Cine Lumiere 6.30pm
21 April La discrète (The Discreet) Cine Lumiere 6.30pm
21 April Quatre Etoiles (Four Stars) Cine Lumiere 8.30pm
22 April La moustache (The Moustache) Cine Lumiere 4pm
24 April Meurtrières (Murderers) Cine Lumiere 6.30pm
24 April Le couperet (The Axe) Cine Lumiere 8.30pm
25 April La première fois que j’ai eu 20 ans (The First Time I was Twenty) Cine Lumiere 6.30pm
25 April Combien tu m’aimes? (How much do you love me?) Cine Lumiere 8.30pm
26 April Les Brigades du Tigre (Tiger Brigades) Cine Lumiere 6.15pm
26 April Camping (Camping) Cine Lumiere 8.45pm
27 April La trahison (The Betrayal) Riverside Studios 7pm
27 April Les Brigades du Tigre (Tiger Brigades) Riverside Studios 8.40pm
28 April Backstage Riverside Studios 2pm and 6.25pm
28 April Le petit lieutenant (The Young Lieutenant) Riverside Studios 4.15pm and 8.45pm
29 April Changement d’adresse (Change of Address) Riverside Studios 6.45pm
29 April Le couperet (The Axe) Riverside Studios 8.30pm

They’ll also be wine tasting sessions at the Cine Lumiere on 24 and 25 April and at the Riverside Studios on 27 and 28 April before the showing of the films.