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Broadgate: Not Just Office Blocks

Walking through the city the other day around the Broadgate and Exchange Square area close to Liverpool Street station it was interesting how different objects and structures have been used to break up the landscape of towering office blocks.
The ice rink, above, is in Broadgate Circle and is open from October to April.

Not quite sure what the message from this piece of art is.

But this Champagne and wine bar is the place to figure it out.


Or if its too early for a liquid lunch you can sit on the steps of a concrete Japanese garden and contemplate.


It might not be all peaceful though, the Mayor of London has a large display on how to save the planet behind the steps, with small screens on these exhibitions showing short films on permanent rotation.
It’s all about re-enforcing the guilt.

And this is to remind our tired city worker what awaits him at home.