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Breakin’ Convention 2007

breakin.jpgThis coming weekend, 5-7 May, London’s Sadlers Wells theatre is holding the Breakin’ Convention 2007, the biggest Hip Hop dance theatre festival in the world.

The three day festival features poppers, lockers, house dancers, b-boys and b-girls, eight different companies performing on the main stage from 6pm-10.30pm each day, DJ’s playing in the mezzanine, open, participatory freestyle dance sessions in the foyer, workshops, film screenings and graffiti art commissions. There is no allocated seating, so people are free to come and go as they please.

Here are some of the main performances,
Saturday 5 May
ZooNation (UK), the UK favourites, return with a piece created especially for Breakin’ Convention.
Compagnie Revolution (France) present an astonishing solo from dancer Emilie Sudre, which takes Hip Hop dance into a new direction.
Electric Boogaloos (USA) credited with inventing “popping” and “boogaloo” back in the mid-70s, this company is rarely seen in the UK.
Frank II Louise (France) a gifted group of French dancers who are taking Hip Hop Dance to new levels of innovation and creativity.

Sunday 6 May
Bill Shannon a.k.a “Crutchmaster” (USA) A multi-media performance influenced by house and hiphop dance forms, silent film acting and skateboard culture, and performed with a live DJ.
Vagabond Crew (France) this electrifying crew of b-boys perform their latest work Aliens.
Salah (France) Salah has won numerous major dance contests worldwide in popping, locking and breaking and freestyle.
Spartanic Rockers (Japan) are a Japanese company renowned for awe-inspiring technical moves.

Monday 7 May
Spartanic Rockers (Japan)
Meech (France) brings his unique style and flava to house dance.
Compagnie Revolution (France)
Electric Boogaloos (USA)

Tickets for the Breakin’ Convention are £20 for a one day ticket, £32 for a two day ticket or £48 for a three day ticket. Doors open at 4pm and main stage performances begin at 6pm. Sadlers Wells is in the Finsbury area of London, just south of Angel Undergound Station.
Below is a promo clip for this year’s festival.