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Major Railway Stations in London

kc.jpgLondon is the railway hub of Britain, with rail lines reaching out to all corners of the country.

There are 10 major rail terminus in the city, all within about a mile and a half’s radius in central London.

The only station south of the River Thames is Waterloo. Fenchurch Street is the only station that doesn’t connect to an Underground train line.

Most stations are busy but user-friendly, with restaurants, shops and full amenities.  Here are links to information on their locations, facilities and routes:

* Charing Cross – southeast England

* Euston – north/northwest England, Scotland

* Kings Cross – north London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, north/northeast England, Scotland

* Liverpool Street – east London, northeast London, Stansted Airport, East Anglia

* Fenchurch Street – east London, south Essex

* Marylebone – northwest London, the Chilterns

* Paddington – south Wales, west England, southwest England, south Midlands, Heathrow Airport

* St Pancras International – Eurostar (Paris, Brussels and Lille), east Midlands, south Yorkshire

* Victoria – south England, southeast England, Gatwick Airport, Channel ferries

* Waterloo – southwest London, south England, southwest England


Since the privatization of the UK railways in the 1990s, there are now 35 major rail companies operating in England. Click here for a complete list of their websites.

To search for fares and timetables, the Network Rail website is a good place to start.