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Newspapers in London

If you still like to get some of your news the old-fashioned way – walking up to a newsstand (or, as they’re locally called newsagents) and buying a paper – then London is your kind of town. Newsagents here have racks fairly bulging with national dailies, divided into the quality or broadsheet papers, the tabloids, and a wide variety of independents.

The top quality dailies include:

The Daily Telegraph
Traditionally a right wing, conservative paper, the Telegraph has the largest circulation of the serious dailies

The Times
A Rupert Murdoch-owned, largely right wing, conservative paper

The Guardian
Originally the Manchester Guardian, this left wing paper is the city’s third-largest broadsheet

The Independent
Liberal-leaning paper launched in 1986

The Financial Times
Printed in a distinct salmon pink colour, a business paper printed six days a week that takes a center/right standpoint

The main tabloids are:

The Sun
The largest-selling English language daily in the world, this Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid features splashy headlines, sports and soap opera news

Daily Mail
Second in circulation to The Sun, the favorite of right wing, middle class England

Daily Express
The Mail’s main rival, always good for a conspiracy story or Royal rumor

The Mirror
All the same garish trimmings as the Sun and Mail, but from a more left wing perspective

Daily Star
Mindless-to-salacious fodder that makes no pretense of choosing a political side

Other notable papers:

The Sunday Times
The best-selling Sunday paper and probably best value; it costs £2 and weighs about the same.

Evening Standard
Comes out late morning and produces later editions through the afternoon. It covers world and London news and sport, and on Thursdays includes a free entertainment guide called Metro Life.

Communist daily The Morning Star

The weekly Jewish Chronicle

The Stage, aimed at actors and other members of the entertainment industry

The Voice, which speaks to the city’s black community

The Asian Today, the Bangledeshi/Pakistani/Indian community’s free paper