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Flights to London Luton

Search for cheap airfare to London Luton and book a flight to London

As the fourth busiest of London’s five international airports, Luton Airport (LTN) still ranks as the fifth busiest in the whole of the United Kingdom. About 30 miles outside the city center, the airport features charter flights and corporate jet traffic, but the majority of flights are on low-cost airlines to/from other small airports within Europe.

If a flight into Luton is only a slight savings, it might be worthwhile to pay a bit more and fly into an airport with easier connections. When researching flights into London online, use the airport code LON to simultaneously check all five airports.

Flights from Europe to London Luton
Several major low-cost airlines have flights into London Luton, serving mostly second- or third-tier airports in large cities throughout Europe; in general, these airports are no easier to reach from their locations than Luton is from London. Be sure to consider your time and transportation costs and weigh them against your low-cost flight fare.

Flights from elsewhere into London Luton
Presently, there are no scheduled services from Africa, Asia or North America. If you are starting in any of those places you’ll likely need to fly into Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW), although Stansted (STN) does have some limited services from these areas.

To get from Luton to central London:

First Capital Connect
East Midlands Trains
Green Line
Easy Bus

Black cabs/taxis are also available outside the terminal.

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