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Holiday Gifts for the London Fan

One of Wallace & Gromit's 2010 holiday stamps for the Royal Mail

Anyone you know dreaming of London this holiday season?

Or at the very least, a holiday that celebrates the greatest city in merry old England?

Well, here are my suggestions for great London gift ideas for the Anglophile in your life…

…even if that Anglophile is you.

London: The Novel

A great big book full of answers to questions about London’s most fascinating secrets, Edward Rutherfurd’s exhaustively-researched (and enormously enjoyable) epic covers the 2,000+ year history of London, from the Roman era to today.

Keep Calm and Carry On Apron

Using the famous 1939 slogan designed to boost British morale in the face of an impending World War II, this cheerful apron sends a message that any London-loving cook will treasure, especially while preparing potentially dramatic holiday meals.

Tea Palace

This delightful Covent Garden tea shop offers some of the finest teas in London — and on the internet. Delight your favorite tea drinker with the Secret Blossom Collection, gorgeous hand-tied bundles that bloom into “flowers” when you add hot water. Or, try a set of tea-scented candles for an extra little London touch of warmth.

Union Jack iPhone Covers

Every iPhone-using Anglophile outside the U.K. would be proud to flash the Union Jack every time the phone rang. If the crystal-encrusted case is a bit too razzle-dazzle for your taste, there’s this more subdued version of the flag, or this one bearing the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan.

Why Do Shepherds Need a Bush? London’s Underground History of Tube Station Names

For anyone who ever wondered what the heck Tube stations with names like Hammersmith, Tooting or Swiss Cottage are all about, David Hilliam takes readers back to the 19th century, when London was a largely rural place…and Bethnal Green was actually green.

Poster of the Tube Map

And to go with all that newfound knowledge about the Tube, how about a big poster to help keep it all straight?

London in a Bag

For an entirely different kind of bag, spill out this vibrant collection of London landmarks in miniature, sure to delight the smallest (or simply the most playful) of Anglophiles.

A Week at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary

Modern-day philosopher Alain de Botton will have you not only contemplating your next trip to London, but thinking about the enormous, complex world of Heathrow Airport and what its often-overlooked details can tell us about our society. (For the truly perfect gift, bookmark it with tickets to LHR.)

Fortnum & Mason’s Bespoke Hampers

Official grocers to the Prince of Wales, this impeccable Piccadilly emporium has been open for business since 1707. Fill one of their signature hampers (read: a wicker picnic basket) or a gilded box with some of the finest British treats money can buy. Elegant teas, chocolate dainties, sugary dollies, buttery biscuits, fragrant soaps and much more can be assembled into a gorgeous gift that will either inspire a trip to London, or offer a perfectly civilized alternative…for now.