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Starkers Night at Club Factory

dancing.jpgIf the naked bike ride has got you in the mood for doing things without your clothes, dancing the night away with nothing on is also a possibility in London at the monthly club night called Starkers, held at Club Factory in Vauxhall.

There are two dance floors playing house, disco and retro classics and a chillout area, Starkers is for strictly over 18s and the club enforces a strict undress rule although footwear is complusory, even the staff and DJ’s are nude, with the exception of the bar staff and security. No cameras or mobile phones are allowed in the club.

Starkers is on the third Friday of every month from 10pm-4am at Club Factory, 65 Goding Street, very close to Vauxhall Station. I like the answer to one of their FAQ’s:

Q. What if a guy gets an erection?

A. This happens sometimes, its natural. Just don’t parade it around like a kid with a ballon (hey, look what I’ve got) and no one will take any notice.