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London Parks: Green Park

Green Park lies just across the Mall from St James’s Park, but has a very different layout: shaped like a triangle, it’s essentially 47 acres of undulating grass with scores of mature trees (mostly London Plane and Limes), many of which are planted in straight rows beside long avenues.

Created as a deer hunting ground in 1668 by King Charles II, the original foresty feeling of Green Park remains almost entirely intact. There are no dedicated flower beds here, but in Spring, approximately 250,000 daffodils bloom all across the lawns.

Green Park is criss-crossed by paths for walking and jogging. The slight inclines and long stretches should provide a good workout for any fitness-conscious visitor staying in the area. The Green Park website features 10 different itineraries for guided walks of the park.

The park is also a lovely place for a fair-weather picnic, with plenty of shade. From March to October, deckchairs are available for rent near the Green Park Tube entrance, and the park itself hosts two snack bars.

Bordered by Constitution Hill, Piccadilly and the Broad Walk, Green Park leads to Buckingham Palace through its own Canada, Africa and Australia Gates. The park is open from 5am-midnight.