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Hotels in Central London

Central London contains most of the neighborhoods in which first-time or occasional visitors would want to stay. This large area is generallywell-connected by public transport and allows for the greatest amount of sightseeing in the shortest amount of vacation time.

Comprising Bloomsbury; the City of London; Clerkenwell; Covent Garden; Holborn; Marylebone; Mayfair; Soho, the Strand and the entire West End; and Westminster, central London contains attractions like the British Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, several of the Royal Parks, the Theatre District and much more.

In terms of concentration of attractions, tourist services and convenience to other areas, the most ideal areas for first-time visitors are Westminster and Soho. Near Knightsbridge and Hyde Park, South Kensington has tons of attractions (especially for kids), but you’ll spend a lot of time on the Tube getting to other parts of the city. Near St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London, the City of London is convenient to many attractions, but far from many more, including most parks. The neighborhoods surrounding the London Eye are generally transitioning and offer a lively, often gritty city experience with a sense of river life, but a need for lots of public transport time to get beyond a sea of tourist attractions.

For more information on these neighborhoods and links to their attractions, please see Westminster and  Central London.

Here is a map of central London:

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