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Generator Hostel

Generator is the biggest hostel in London, with enough space to bed over 800 people. Shared rooms start at £10 a night.

Prepare for sensory overload when you enter this establishment: all the floors and most of the walls are covered in stainless steel (with areas of non-slip tread) and there are neon blue and red lights throughout.

The lobby features a full bar with happy hour and pool tables, as well as £5 dinners (including a pint). There are daily events and parties at this London hostel.

Less than ideal for anyone over the age of 25, as well as solo travelers who aren’t much for interacting with others, this place is better suited to outgoing personalities seeking a festive atmosphere.

Located about 5-minutes on foot from the Kings Cross Station, with signs to guide the way. (Just keep going around the corner, through the alley — and voilá.)

To book your stay go to the Generator Hostel in London or email them at

Compton Place, off 37 Tavistock Place
London WC1
Phone: 020-7388-7655

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