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Clink Hostel

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This impressive hostel is built inside a 200-year-old courthouse. Unlike most places that would have gutted the law-related history in the building, Clink has made it their own.

Quirky features include the courtroom internet café (trust me, you want to sit in the judge’s chair) to cell-style rooms with heavy duty doors. Capacity here is 650, with few private spaces, making it an ideal spot for groups.

Alcohol is allowed (there’s a bar on-site), there is no curfew, and a basic continental breakfast is provided. The beds all have a small locker under the bed, individual lights and a nifty little locker by your head for passports and small valuables.

Some of the bigger dorms have high-tech pod-style beds, which for some could be a little claustrophobic. The halls are painted bright colors and each floor is a different color (this helps when trying to find your room).

Located about a 5-minute walk from the Kings Cross Tube station, this area has a reputation for being a bit rough around the edges; as in most areas of the city, avoid wandering around alone at night. Kings Cross is a hub for public transport, with five different tube lines and access to all London trains, including the Eurostar.

For prices and to book your stay check out Clink Hostel, or email them at

Phone: 44-20-7183-9400
78 King’s Cross Rd
Islington, London, UK

(Many more Clink Hostel photos below the map)

Clink Hostel lobby
Clink lobby

Internet room
Clink internet

Eating area
Clink eating area

Clink kitchen

Clink bathrooms

Cell rooms
Clink rooms

Pod-style dorms
Clink pod dorms